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The National Lift Tower now offers a range of vocational training courses designed to improve the skills and safety of lift engineers and others working on or around lift installations. 

Technical training courses are delivered by our in-house trainer, Richard Taylor. A test will be carried out at the end of each module to assess the delegates understanding of the content. All successful delegates will receive a certificate of achievement for each completed module. 

NLT0001 - Safety Training

This module focuses on safe working for lift engineers or other staff likely to be exposed to lift shafts, car tops and motor rooms. 

Duration: 4 hours

Classroom Based Elements

  • Essential rules.

  • Hazard/risk awareness.

  • Completing a risk assessment.

  • Falls and falling objects safety.

  • Shaft access safety.

  • Electrical safety.

Hands On Practicals

  • Completion of the risk assessment.

  • Completing a hazard scan.

  • Perform electrical look off and tag off.

  • Safely access the car top.

  • Safely access the lift shaft.

NLT0002 - Wiring Diagrams

This module teaches how to read wiring diagrams related to a lift installation.

Duration: 4 hours

Classroom Based Elements

  • Control system components.

  • Design a control circuit.

  • Sample control circuits from different manufacturers (e.g. ILE, Thames Valley, Express).

Hands On Practicals

  • Tracing out a control circuit and checking it to the wiring diagram.

  • Fitting a new component to the control panel.

NLT0003 - Using a Meter and Fault Finding

This module focuses on how to use electrical meters and going on to use them to fault find.

Duration: 4 hours

Classroom Based Elements

  • Voltage, current and resistance.

  • Types of meter. 

  • Taking readings.

Hands On Practicals

  • Megger a motor.

  • Taking current readings.

  • Fault finding with voltage and resistance measurements. 

NLT0004 - Basics of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

This module teaches basic theory followed by a practical exercise on a real lift.

Duration: 4 hours

Classroom Based Elements

  • Understanding Ohm's Law. 

  • Simple circuit theory.

Hands On Practicals

  • Designing a brake lift/hold circuit. 

  • Fitting the brake lift/hold circuit. 

First Aid for Lift Engineers

This module is delivered by St. John Ambulance at the lift tower, this is a one day course in first aid that is tailored specifically to the needs of lift engineers. 

Classroom Based Elements

  • Incident management.

  • Assessing the casualty. 

  • Treatment of wounds, fractures, burns, electrical shock and respiratory and circulation problems. 

Hands On Practicals

  • Assessing and treating casualties on the car top, in the motor room and in the pit. 

Further Courses Available:

  • Basics of hydraulic lifts. 

  • Site installation skills and EMC. 

  • Lift component technology. 

  • Basics of drive technology. 

  • Rescue procedures. 

  • Certified IOSH course. 

Please do get in contact to discuss the available courses at the Lift Tower.


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