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Lift Shaft Fact Sheets

The Engineer's lift is the main service lift for the building and as such it serves all floors except it's own motor room.

With a travel of 100m and a theoretical maximum speed of 10 m/s, this commercially available shaft offers a unique facility in Europe.

Currently fitted with a lift that is running at just over 4 m/s and with a travel of 30 m.  This is an important facility available to manufacturers wishing to develop, test and market their products.

The "Hydraulic Shaft" is historically named as such because it is the most suitable for installing a hydraulic lift given that is has specific access from the drop test shaft for getting rams in. The shaft is approximately 18m tall with auto-doors on floors 4 and 5 and is currently available for installation of an entire lift system.

This shaft is currently not in use and is available for fitting, it serves 3 floors with a travel of 7.3 m.

Currently fitted with a lift that is running at 1.6 m/s, and a travel of 8 m.

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