Height Safety

The tower offers extensive facilities for testing height safety and working at height equipment such as descenders, rescue and fall arrest devices. We are continuously modifying and improving the facilities at the tower based on customer requirements. We work closely with notified bodies such as SATRA to enable certification of new products to the market.

In addition to product development, we have hosted several product launch days for manufacturers.



High Speed Lift

The high speed lift has been adapted so that we are able to carry out tests in quick succession at heights of up to 105 metres.

High Speed Shaft
View from the lift shaft from inside the lift car
Descender Tester
Example of descender testing setup inside lift car
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Lift car moving up from the bottom

Edge Testing

Edge testing is another facility available at the tower, that allows clients to perform testing on various pieces of safety equipment, to asses their durability when in use over a sharp edge. Lifelines, harnesses and other fall protection products are used when working at great heights, usually when working close to a buildings edge.  

Fall protection devices need to be tested over sharp edges to ensure that may an accident occur the equipment will prevent catastrophic results. Here at the Lift Tower clients can test their fall protection equipment for fraying or being severed over the sharp edge. 



Down to the edge test platform
The sharp edge
Drop zone for testing
Edge test rig and support mechanism
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40 Metre Ladder

Our 40 metre individual vertical aluminium training ladder offers the opportunity for wind turbine technician training, climb assistance and fall safety product testing for professional climbing in the wind turbine industry. The facility here at the lift tower can be used to emulate the ladder systems seen not only in wind turbines, but also in lattice towers and offshore sites and wind farms. 

Advancements in safety equipment and devices see constant shifts in the range of safety products available that can be tested here at the lift tower, in accordance to official testing standards across the world. The need for testing these products is paramount when ensuring the safety of wind turbine technicians and those working with high ladders. We are therefore proud to offer the facility here at the lift tower, for clients to test the products that help to keep professionals safe.

Looking up at the 40 metre ladder
From the top
Example Climb Assistance Mechanism
Looking down the ladder
Void space
Top of ladder
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