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Bridge Fibre - Northampton Lift Tower Broadband Service

The National Lift Tower hosts broadband connection for the Silverstone Business Park, enabling high speed and high performance internet to be accessed to all businesses located at the park. The connection is sourced using a fibre optic cable situated in the tower that connects to the park via satellite at the top of the tower.


To find out more about the bridge fibre service hosted at the lift tower, visit the Bridge Fibre offical website:

The partnership with Bridge Fibre enables the lift tower to provide super-fast broadband throughout areas of Northampton that otherwise would not have coverage. This solution is not only for businesses, but also for families and individuals, where other providers such as BT are unavailable or not-affordable. 

The tower is used as a hub, connected through long range wi-fi equipment. One antenna on the tower's roof provides connections to customers in specific directions. If no direct line of sight from the tower is possible, Bridge Fibre are able to provide signal via a repeater.  

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Please get in contact with enquires about internet coverage from here at the lift tower.


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Tel. +44 (0) 1604 587745


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