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 The UK's Tallest Testing Centre

The National Lift Tower is a 127m (418ft) Research and Development facility located in Northampton, England.  Originally built to test lifts, the scope of work undertaken at the tower has increased considerably in recent years. The height of the building and it's unique features have made it an invaluable resource for a variety of projects.

Lift Shafts


There are six lift shafts of varying heights and speeds. One of these shafts contains a high speed lift with a travel of 100m and a  theoretical maximum speed of 10 m/s.



There are a number of additional vertical spaces inside the building, the tallest of these is 93 metres and is equipped with a sophisticated camera system that can be used to track experiments in real-time.


The tower offers extensive facilities for testing height safety and working at height equipment such as descenders, rescue and fall arrest devices.

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